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Research Article

Prevalence and Severity of Menopausal Symptoms and the Quality of Life in Middle-aged Women: A Study from Sri Lanka

Table 1

Characteristics of pre and postmenopausal women (n=350).

Characteristics Sub categoryPremenopausal women (n=184)
Mean (SD) or Frequency (%)
Postmenopausal women (n=166)
Mean (SD) or Frequency (%)
P value

Sociodemographic characteristics

Age (years)46.1(3.74)55.8(3.80)<0.001

EthnicitySinhala171 (92.9)160(96.4)0.11
Non Sinhala13 (7.1)6(3.6)

Employment statusEmployed58(31.5)49(29.3)0.38
Non employed126(68.5)118(70.7)

Civil statusMarried169(91.8)125(74.9)<0.001
Single or widowed or divorced15(8.2)42(25.1)

Living companionWith husband and children134(72.8)103(61.6)0.003
With Husband or Children16(8.6)35(21.0)
Alone or Others34(18.5)29(17.4)

Education statusPrimary education37(20.1)46(27.6)0.12
Secondary education68(37.0)64(38.3)
Upper secondary education, degree or diploma79(42.9)57(34.1)

Monthly incomeBelow 20000 LKR92(50.0)125(74.8)<0.001
Above 20000 LKR92(50.0)42(25.2)

Gynecologic factors

Age at menopause (years)-48.3(3.98)-

Time since menopause (years)-7.4(5.04)-

1-3 children152(82.6)97(58.4)
4-7 children20(10.9)46(27.7)

Modes of deliveriesNone12(6.5)23(13.9)0.006
NVD and LSCS23(12.5)10(6.0)

Other evaluated variables

Weight (kg)58.0(9.8)57.0(11.9)0.44

Height (m)1.5(0.1)1.49(0.1)<0.001

WC (cm)82.5(9.8)83.3(12.3)0.50

HC (cm)97.0(8.5)98.7(10.1)0.09


BMI (kg/m2)24.98(4.02)25.98(4.56)0.37

Walking score (MET/min/week)829.21(186.74)580.28(156.89)0.01

Moderate physical activities score (MET/min/week)4868.04(574.20)4770.12(857.01)0.20

Vigorous physical activities score (MET/min/week)1785.21(1784.93)2297.59(1917.41)0.01

Total physical activity score (MET/min/week)7482.51(2400.03)7648.03(2534.65)0.53

SD=standard deviation, NVD=normal vaginal deliveries, LSCS=lower segment caesarian section, BMI=body mass index, WC=waist circumference, HC=hip circumference, WHR=waist to hip ratio
150 LKR = 1 USD (LKR=Sri Lankan rupees)
Primary education= grade 1-10, secondary education=GCE ordinary level
Differences between two groups were compared with independent sample t test and chi square test.

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