Table 1: Cost analysis of gynecologic surgical procedures performed by robot-assisted laparoscopy (RAL), classic video-laparoscopy (CVL), and open surgery (OS). Total hospital costs are given unless specified differently.

Author [reference]ProcedureRALCVLOS

United States
Pasic et al. [23]Hysterectomy
Barnett et al. [24]Hysterectomy
Social perspective11476$10128$12487$
Hospital perspective8770$6581$7009$
Advincula et al. [28]Myomectomy30064$13400$
Rodgers et al. [25]Tubal anastomosis
Hospital costs+1446$
Dharia Patel et al. [26]Tubal anastomosis
Cost per delivery92488$92205$
Bell et al. [29]Endometrial cancer staging

Sarlos et al. [22]Hysterectomy40672151
Heemskerk et al. [27]Rectopexy4910$4165$
van Dam et al. [41]Endometrial cancer staging

hyst+BSO+LN: hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy and pelvic lymphadenectomy.