Table 2: Mental health outcomes of DC and non-DC mothers.

All migrantsAsylum-seeker/refugee subgroup
Dual-country mothers
Non-dual-country mothers
valueDual-country mothers
Non-dual-country mothers

Risk for postpartum depression (PPD) (score 10 on the Edinburgh Postnatal depression scale)
 1-week postpartum, %25.3a23.4b.71026.3a24.9c.805
 4-month postpartum, %28.318.6.03629.920.0.076
Anxiety related to trauma at 4 months (measured by Hopkins Symptom Checklist, part I), %16.5a9.4d.04618.4a15.2b.507
Clinical depression symptomatology (measured by Hopkins Symptom Checklist, part II), %23.1a13.5d.02126.3a17.5b.100
Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptomology at 4 months (measured by Harvard Trauma Questionnaire), %7.0a3.8e.1579.2a5.7b.289

aMissing data on one woman.
bMissing data on four women.
cMissing data on two women.
dMissing data on six women.
eMissing data on five women.