Table 2: Categories (6) and items (23) in each main category of WHAQ scores.

Negative effect
(8 items)
Water retention
(4 items)
Impaired concentration
(8 items)
Additional categories
(3 items)

(i) Loneliness
(ii) Anxiety
(iii) Mood swings
(iv) Crying
(v) Irritability
(vi) Tension
(vii) Feeling sad or blue
(viii) Restlessness
(i) Weight gain
(ii) Painful or tender breasts
(iii) Breast and abdominal swelling
(iv) Skin blemishes or disorders
(i) Insomnia
(ii) Forgetfulness
(iii) Confusion
(iv) Poor judgment
(v) Difficulty in concentrating
(vi) Distractibility
(vii) Poor motor coordination
(viii) Minor accidents
(i) Increased appetite
(ii) Feelings of well being
(iii) Undesirable hair changes