Table 1: Background characteristics and views on the eight midwives participating in the study.

Midwife no. AgeType of FGMCivil statusEducationChildrenDaughters and FGMPerception of FGMWorking years as midwife

125Type IIISingleSec. school
Nursing school 3 years
No childrenWill not perform FGM or sunna“Awful, evil practice”7 years at Magan

247Type IIIMarriedSec. school
Nursing school 1 year
2 sons, 2 daughtersSunna done on both daughters at 7
Father advised against
“Harmful practice” (infib) 26 years at Daami

324SunnaSingleSec. school
Nursing school and midwifery
No“I will do sunna for her”. Might leave her, or just make bleeding“I do not like pharaonic circumcision.3 years at Daami MCH

428Type IIISingleSec. school
Nursing school and midwifery
NoNo“Awful practice” (infib)10 months at Magan

539Type IIISingleLeft school at grade 5. Some midwifery trainingNo“I will not do anything to them or have piercing performed of clitoris to make it bleed”“I have bad memories of it” Several years at Muhammed MCH

625Type IIISingleSec. school Midwifery trainingNo“I will do sunna on my daughters”“I see it as one with many painful difficulties”1 year at Daami MCH

742Type IIIMarriedSec. school
Nursing school
5 sons, 2 daughtersYes, sunna on both at the age of 8 “Sunna is almost as being untouched”20 years at Daami MCH

829Type IIIMarriedSec. school
University 4 years
Midwifery 2 years
1 sonMild type of sunna, piercing of clitoris, or leave untouched.“Now I know it has only problems but no benefits” (infib)2 years at Magan Several years at a different hospital before that