Research Article

Comparison of Long-Term Fertility and Bleeding Outcomes after Robotic-Assisted, Laparoscopic, and Abdominal Myomectomy

Table 2

Demographics by surgery type.

Factor TotalLaparoscopic Open Robotic value

Age at surgery1332833.5 ± 4.48034.1 ± 4.52534 ± 3.80.77
 African American43414.33341.2625
 American Indian0000000
 Asian Indian413.622.514.2
BMI1332825.2 8028.2 2529.1 0.20
Current marital status1310.33
 Single, never married42518.52632.91144
Highest level of education completed1290.43
 Less than junior high0000000
 Junior high113.70000
 Partial high school0000000
 High school graduate8311.156.300
 Partial college29518.51924.1521.7
 College graduate47829.63139.2834.8
 Graduate degree4410372430.41043.5
Parity134280 810 250 0.21
Years since surgery133287 8011 254 <0.001

Mean ± SD. Percentage. Median .
Analysis of variance.
Pearson’s Chi-squared test.
Kruskal-Wallis rank sum test.