Figure 1: Illustrating cranial sonographic overlay sketch (enlarged) of (a) bilateral physiologic (symmetrical) and (b) unilateral pathologic (asymmetrical) mild enlargements of the lateral ventricles in (a) an infant at 7 weeks and (b) a newborn at 7 days of age. The sketch depicts clear criteria for (a′) physiologic variants (1 = sharp lateral angle, 2 = concave bottom, 3 = smooth inner lining, and 4 = regular echogenicity of the parenchyma in this case) and (b′) pathologic variants (1 = blunt/obtuse lateral angle, 2 = convexly shaped bottom, 3 = irregular inner lining, and 4 = asymmetry, atrophy, and porencephalic cysts as additional findings in this case) of mild enlargements of the lateral ventricle (modified illustration, [9]).