Figure 2: Mv3glc prevented peroxynitrite-mediated apoptotic and viability changes in endothelial cells. (a) Confluent BAECs were preincubated with either 12.5 or 25  M Mv3glc for 14 h. Subsequently, cells were washed with PBS and treated with peroxynitrite, as described in Section 2. Morphological apoptotic changes were assessed after nuclei staining with Hoechst 33258. (b) Cellular viability of BAEC incubated for 14 h with 25  M Mv3glc without further treatment or treated with peroxynitrite, as assessed by MTT reduction, and expressed as percentage of control cells. Control refers to the experiment in similar conditions without peroxynitrite and anthocyanin; ONOO refers to the experiment with 500  M peroxynitrite without anthocyanin. Values are mean ± SEM of at least five different experiments, each one assayed in duplicate. *** versus control; ## versus ONOO.