Table 1: The effects of CIH on cardiac I/R-induced injuries.

AuthorsStrainsExposure time EffectsReference

Wang et al.Male SD rats4 wksProtective effects[1]
Ding et alMale SD rats42 daysProtective effects[24]
Neckar et al.Male Wistar rats8 h/day, 5 days/wks;Protective effects[5]
Asemu et al.Male Wistar rats 2 wks and 5 wks Protective effects [6]
Park and SuzukiC57BL/6 mice1, 2 wks and 4 wksProtective effects (4 wks) Deleterious effects (1, 2 wks)[7]
Guo et al.male guinea pigs28 daysProtective effects[8]
Guo et al.Male guinea pigs28 daysProtective effects[9]
Zong et al.Dogs20 daysProtective effects[10]
Wang et al.Male SD rats14, 28 and 42 daysProtective effects[1113]
Joyeux-Faure et al.Male Wistar rats7 wksDeleterious effects[14]

*wks: weeks.