Figure 3: Percentage inhibition of IL-8 release by TNFα exposed Caco-2 cells pre-incubated or co-incubated with herb samples. (R.): Rosemary, (S.): Sage, (T.): Thyme. Data are presented as the means ± SEM ( ). %inhibition of IL-8 = [(IL-8 release from control PBLs (stimulated by H2O2 or TNFα)-IL-8 release from PBLS co-incubated/pre-incubated with herb samples)/IL-8 release from control PBLs (stimulated by H2O2 or TNFα)-] ×100. Significant differences between IL-8 released from control PBLs and PBLs co-incubated/pre-incubated with herb samples, , , , . NS: nonsignificant difference between IL-8 release for control PBLs and that of PBLs co-incubated with herb samples and TNFα or H2O2, or pre-incubated with herb samples.