Figure 3: Semiquantitative analysis of lipid peroxidation and protein nitrosylation after acute ethanol gavage after hemorrhage and resuscitation in a time course. The percentage of 4-HNE (a) and 3-NT (b) positive cells (staining) was semiquantified in liver sections 2 h, 24 h, and 72 h after H/R in a blinded manner. Ctrl: saline gavage, EtOH: ethanol gavage, sham: surgical procedure without the onset of H/R and H/R: rats undergoing hemorrhagic shock with subsequent resuscitation ( versus both sham groups, ctrl_H/R_2 h versus EtOH_H/R_2 h group, ctrl_H/R_24 h versus EtOH_H/R_24 h group, for 24 h groups, and for other groups).