Figure 5: Acute ethanol exposure reduces hepatic iNOS gene expression early after . Saline (Ctrl) or ethanol (EtOH) gavaged rats were subjected to H/R or sham operation. 2 h, 24 h, and 72 h after the end of resuscitation, liver tissue was harvested and western blotting for iNOS and β-actin was performed. (a): lanes 1–6 depict liver protein extracts from rats after sham operation (sham, lanes 1–3: ctrl time course, lane 4–6: EtOH gavage time course) or H/R (lanes 7–12: ctrl time course, lanes 13–18: EtOH gavage time course). In (b), densitometric measurement after normalization to β-actin staining is plotted ( versus sham and corresponding H/R_EtOH group, for 24 h groups, and for other groups, representative gel from 3 experiments is shown).