Figure 11: Transmission electron (TEM) analysis of mitochondrial remodeling inMSCs challenged with LPS. (a) Image of a control MSC. Mitochondria are indicated with yellow arrows. ((b)–(f)) Images of MSCs challenged with LPS. (b) Damaged mitochondria subjected to remodeling and mitophagy are shown with red arrows. Double-layer membrane of an autolysosome is indicated with white arrow. Mt, mitochondria. ((c)-(d)) Fusion of damaged mitochondria (Mt) with autophagosomes (ATG) is indicated with red arrows. ATG membranes are indicated with white arrows. (d) Formation of secretory autolysosomes containing multilamellar structures (indicated with red arrows) in an irradiated MSC. (e) Fusion of mitochondria (Mt) is indicated with yellow arrow. (f) Formation of elongated mitochondria is indicated with white arrow. Mitophagy is indicated with red arrow. Conditions: MSCs were incubated with 500 ng/mL LPS for 3 h. The cells were analyzed 24 h after challenge with LPS.