Table 5: Sirt1-inducing plant bioactives and the “sirtfoods” they are found in.

Name of compoundStructure of compound“Sirtfoods” found inReferences

Daidzein707421.table.002aSoybean, tofu, and other soy products[103, 104]
Fisetin707421.table.002bStrawberries, apples, persimmons, grapes[15, 105]
Isoliquiritigenin707421.table.002dSoybean, shallots, and licorice[15, 106, 107]
Hydroxytyrosol707421.table.002eOlive oil[98, 99]
Kaempferol707421.table.002fCabbage, kale, parsley, different types of beans, Corchorus olitorius*, and cruciferous vegetables[105, 108]
Piceatannol707421.table.002gRed wine, grapes, and Rhodomyrtus tomentosa #[15, 109, 110]
Quercetin707421.table.002hOnions, apples, white wine, capers, and Corchorus olitorius*[15, 105]
Resveratrol707421.table.002iRed wine, red grapes[15, 109]

consumed in Japan as “Molokheka”; #edible plant native to Asia; and possibly other phenolic compounds found in olive oil.