Research Article

Transient Limb Ischemia Alters Serum Protein Expression in Healthy Volunteers: Complement C3 and Vitronectin May Be Involved in Organ Protection Induced by Remote Ischemic Preconditioning

Table 2

Differentially expressed proteins in sera after RIPC compared with that in sera before RIPC.

SpotaProtein nameAccession numberbProtein MW (Da)Protein PIcSequence coveraged (%)Fold changeeProtein scoref

(i)Immune system process
1Complement component 4BIPI00887154192627.56.8921.951 h158
2Complement C1q subcomponent subunit BIPI0047799226704.58.83222.733 h84
3Complement C3IPI00783987187029.96.02152.231 h121
4C4b-binding protein alpha chainIPI0002172766989.47.1591.511 h71
5Ficolin-3IPI0041974431657.46.3618↑1.521 h107
6Interalpha-trypsin inhibitor heavy chain H4IPI00896419 1032936.5118↑2.511 h97
7VitronectinIPI0029897154271.25.5541.521 h70

(ii)Lipid metabolic process
8Apolipoprotein A-IIPI0002184130758.95.56253.851 h79
9Apolipoprotein L1IPI0051447543946.95.628↑1.681 h88
10Apolipoprotein JIPI00291262524615.89201.7424 h219

11DesmoplakinIPI00013933331568.76.448↑1.6248 h67
12GelsolinIPI0002631485644.25.916↑2.211 h131

(iv)Blood coagulation
13Antithrombin-IIIIPI00032179 52657.86.11232.011 h180
14Heparin cofactor 2IPI0087957357034.26.4117↑2.321 h64

Spot number refers to Figure 1.
bAccession number from IPI (International Protein Index) database of matched proteins.
cPI refers to isoelectric point.
dPercent of number of observed amino acids in sequence length (%).
e” means downregulation, and “↑” means upregulation. Superscripts such as “1h” represented the time point when the fold change reached maximum. The fold change in the table was the maximum change among the different time points.
fCombined scores of all observed mass spectra matched to amino acid sequences used for protein identification.