Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity / 2015 / Article / Fig 3

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Neuroprotection by Cocktails of Dietary Antioxidants under Conditions of Nerve Growth Factor Deprivation

Figure 3

Morphology of neuronal PC12 cells during NGF deprivation in the presence with antioxidants. Representative images of neuronal PC12 cells maintained in the presence of NGF (CTR-NGF) or NGF-deprived for 24 h (No-NGF) or exposed to NGF-free medium containing the indicated antioxidants (RSV 10–100 μM, QRC 10 μM, OLP 10 μg/mL, CRC 10 μM, GTE 12.5 μg/mL, LYC 5 μM, NAC 300 μM, ALA 10 μM, ALCAR 10 μM, CoQ 100 nM, and Sel 50 nM).