Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity / 2015 / Article / Fig 6

Research Article

Neuroprotection by Cocktails of Dietary Antioxidants under Conditions of Nerve Growth Factor Deprivation

Figure 6

Neuroprotection by antioxidant cocktails against NGF deprivation. (a) MTT assay on neuronal PC12 cells exposed to NGF deprivation for 24 h. Where indicated, cells were NGF deprived following overnight preincubation with defined pools of antioxidant molecules (Pool-1, Pool-2, or Pool-3, see Table 1). Data are the mean ± SEM of three separate experiments, with three independent samples for each treatment. , versus CTR-NGF; , versus No-NGF (ANOVA and Dunnett’s multiple comparisons test). (b) Representative images of neuronal PC12 cells maintained in the presence of NGF or NGF-deprived for 24 h in the presence of the indicated antioxidant pools.