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Organ-Protective Effects of Red Wine Extract, Resveratrol, in Oxidative Stress-Mediated Reperfusion Injury

Table 1

Protective effects and mechanisms of the resveratrol on different organs in oxidative stress-mediated reperfusion injury.

Species/targets Model of reperfusion injuryEffective doseEffects and mechanismsReferences

Male Wistar rats rat/heartLangendorff-perfused mode
(ischemia 45 min, reperfusion 10 min).
25 mg/kg
(pretreatment 7 days, IP)
MDA↓, CAT↓, peroxidase↑, and SOD↑[80]

Spraque-Dawley rats/heartLangendorff-perfused mode
(ischemia 60 min, reperfusion 60 min)
20 mg/kg
(pretreatment 14 days intragastric tube),
10 μM (30 min before ischemia)
MDA↓, LDH↓, carbonyl↓, and GSH↑[68]

Male Sprague-Dawley rats/heartLangendorff-perfused mode
(ischemia 30 min, reperfusion 2 h)
10 μM
(30 min before ischemia, IV perfused)
MDA↓ and infarct volume↓[49]

Male Sprague Dawley rats/heartLangendorff-perfused mode
(ischemia 15 min, reperfusion 10 min).
1–100 μM (pretreatment 7 days, IP)
MDA↓ and no improvement in heart function[82]

Sprague-Dawley/BrainRight middle cerebral artery occlusion
(ischemia 30 min, reperfusion 5.5 h)
0.1–1.0 μM
(10 min before ischemia, IV)
Activation of ER-α and ER-β and infarct volume ↓ [23]

Male Wistar rats/brainBilateral common carotid occlusion (occlusion 4 h) 5–30 mg/kg
(5 min before reperfusion, IP)
MDA↓, MPO↓, TNF-α↓, IL-6↓, ICAM-I↓, Catalase↑, SOD↑, and IL-10↑[99]

Male Sprague-Dawley rats/brainMiddle cerebral artery occlusion. (occlusion 2 h) 30 mg/kg
(pretreatment 7 days, IP)
Adesonine↑, inosine↑, hypoxanthine↓, and xanthine↓[92]

Male Wistar rats/BrainBilateral common carotid occlusion (occlusion 10 min) 30 mg/kg
(pretreatment 7 days, IP)
ROS↓, MDA↓, NO↓, and Na+K+-aTPase↓[61]

Male Wistar rats/brainBilateral common carotid occlusion (occlusion 10 min) 30 mg/kg
(pretreatment 7 days, IP)
COX-2↓ and iNOS↓ and NF-kB and JNK activation↓ [100]

Male Sprague-Dawley rats/brainMiddle cerebral artery occlusion (occlusion 30 min) 15 and 30 mg/kg
(pretreatment 7 days, IP)
MDA↓, SOD↑, Nrf2↑, HO-1↑, and caspase-3↓ [3]

Mongolian gerbils/brainBilateral common carotid occlusion (occlusion 5 min) 30 mg/kg
(during occlusion, IP)
Neuronal cell death↓[48]

Male Wistar rats/BrainMiddle cerebral artery occlusion (occlusion 2 h) 20 mg/kg
(pretreatment 21 days, IP)
MDA↓, GSH↑, and infarct volume and motor impairment↓[96]

Male New Zealand white rabbits/spinal cord Occlusion of the infrarenal aorta (ischemia 30 min) 1–10 mg/kg
(pretreatment 30 minutes, IV)
MDA↓ and NO↑ [101]

Male New Zealand white rabbits/spinal cordAbdominal aorta clamp
(ischemia 30 minute)
100 μg/kg
(pretreatment 15 minutes before occluding, IV)
MPO↓, MDA↓, and spinal cord gray matter motor neurons injury↓ [46]

Male Wistar albino rats/intestineSuperior mesenteric artery occlusion
(ischemia 60 min, reperfusion 60 min)
15 mg/kg
(both before ischemia and before reperfusion, IP)
CAT↑, total antioxidant capacity↑, MPO↓, total oxidative status↓, and oxidative stress index (OSI) ↓ [105]

Male BALB/c mice/intestineSuperior mesenteric artery occlusion
(ischemia 1 h, reperfusion 24 h)
50 mg/kg
(pretreatment 10 days, PO)
NO↓, iNOS↓, MPO↓, MDA↓, SOD↑, GSH-Px↑, SIRT1↑, and NF-kB↓[41]

Wistar albino rats/intestineSuperior mesenteric artery occlusion
(ischemia 1 hour, reperfusion 24 h)
15 mg/kg
(pretreatment 5 days and 15 min before occlusion, IP)
MPO↓, MDA↓, NO↓, and SOD↑ [43]

Male Wistar rat/intestineSuperior mesenteric artery occlusion
(ischemia 90 min h, reperfusion 120 min)
0.056 mg/kg
(30 min before occlusion, IV)
Intestine damage score↓, MPO↓, and hemoglobin content↓[42]

Male Wistar albino rats/spleen, ileumHepatic artery clamping
(ischemia 45 min, reperfusion 30 min)
15 mg/kg
(pretreatment 5 days and 15 min before occlusion, IP)
MDA↓, NO↓, and GSH↑[107]

Male Wistar albino rats/kidneyRight nephrectomy and left renal pedicle clamping
(ischemia 45 min, reperfusion 6 h)
30 mg/kg
(30 min prior to ischemia and immediately before the reperfusion period, IP)
ROS↓, MDA↓, MPO↓, LDH↓, TNF-α↓, SOD↑, and GSH↑[112]

Male Wistar rats/kidney Renal pedicles clamping
(ischemia 45 min, reperfusion 24 h)
5 mg/kg,
(pretrentment 30 minutes before surgery, PO)
NO↑, BUN↓, creatinine↓, SOD↑, GSH↑, and CAT↑ [117]

Male Wistar rats/kidneyRight nephrectomy and left renal pedicle clamping
(ischemia 45 min, reperfusion 24 h)
5 mg/kg,
(before I/R, PO)
BUN↓, creatinine↓, SOD↑, GSH↑, CAT↑, and NO↑[45]

Male Wistar rats/kidneyBoth renal pedicles cross-clamping
(ischemia 40 min, reperfusion 24 h)
0.23 μg/kg
(40 min before I/R, IV)
Mortality rate↓, renal damage↓, and NO↑[113]

Male Sprague-Dawley rat/liverClamping the portal vein and hepatic artery
(ischemia 1 h, reperfusion 3 h)
0.02 and 0.2 mg/kg
(after reperfusion, IV)
IL-1β↓, IL-6↓, MPO↓, TNF-α↓, KC↓, and HO-1 mRNA↓[122]

Male Sprague-Dawley rats/liverClamping the portal vein and hepatic artery
(ischemia 45 min, reperfusion 45 min)
10 mg/kg
(15 min before reperfusion, IV)
MDA↓, SOD↑, GSH↑, and CAT↑[121]

Sprague-Dawley rat/lungLeft hilum
(occlusion 60 min)
20 mg/kg
(4 days and 15 min before ischemia, PO)
ROS↓, MDA↓, PGC1-α mRNA↑, and leukocyte infiltration↓[126]

Male Sprague-Dawley rat/testisLeft testis torsion/detorsion
(ischemia 4 h)
20 mg/kg
(30 min before detorsion, IP)
MDA↓, H2O2↓, and oxidative stress index↓[39]

Male Wistar rats/testisRight testis torsion/detorsion
(ischemia 4 h)
30 mg/kg
(30 min before detorsion, IP; 7 days postoperatively, PO)
Improved contralateral spermatozoid production and some fertility parameters.[133]

Wistar albino rat/ovaryRight unilateral adnexal torsion/detorsion
(torsion 3 h, detorsion 3 h)
10 mg/kg
(30 min before detorsion, IP)
MDA↓, XO↓, and GSH↑[140]

Male Sprague Dawley rats/retinalAnterior chamber saline bag
(intraocular pressure 70–80 mm Hg for 45 min)
30 mg/kg
(pretreatment 5 days, IP)
Reduce inner retinal layers thinning [145]

Male Wistar rats rat/RetinalAnterior chamber saline bag
(intraocular pressure 120 mm Hg for 60 min)
0.5 nmole
(pretreatment 15 min, IV)
MMP-9↓, iNOS↓, and HO-1↑ [149]

Male Spraque-Dawley rats/skeletal muscle Abdominal aorta clamp
(ischemia 120 min, reperfusion 60 min)
20 mg/kg
(pretreatment for 14 days, gastric tube)
MDA↓, CPK↓, LDH↓, GSH↑ carbonyl↓, and myoglobin↓, [157]

Sprague-Dawley rats/bladder Abdominal aorta occlusion
(ischemia 60 min, reperfusion 60 min)
10 mg/kg
(15 min before I/R, IP)
MPO↓, MDA↓, and GSH↑[164]

Abbreviations: I/R, ischemia-reperfusion; IP, intraperitonium; IV: intravenous; PO, Orally; MAP mean arterial pressure; ROS, reactive oxygen species; ER, estrogen receptor; HO-1, hemeoxygenase-1; PGC-1α, peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma coactivator 1 alpha; NF-kB, nuclear factor-kappa B; JNK, c-Jun N-terminal kinase; MMP-9, metallopeptidase 9; SOD, superoxide dismutase; CAT, catalase; GSH, glutathione; MDA, malondialdehyde; NOX, nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate-oxidase; XO, xanthine oxidase; H2O2, hydrogen peroxide; TNF-α, tumor necrosis factor-alpha; IL-6, interleukin 6; IL-10, interleukin 10; ICAM-1, intercellular adhesion molecule 1; MPO, myeloperoxidase; NO, nitric oxide; iNOS, inducible nitric oxide synthase.

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