Research Article

An Anticancer Role of Hydrogen Sulfide in Human Gastric Cancer Cells

Figure 1

Upregulation of CSE and CBS expression in gastric carcinoma. (a) Tissue lysates from the gastric carcinoma and adjacent noncancerous tissue were immunoblotted with anti-CSE or anti-CBS antibodies. The 2 representative pairs of samples were shown. C, gastric carcinoma; N, adjacent noncancerous tissue. The right panel indicates the quantitative representation. , versus corresponding N group. (b) The expression of CSE and CBS in gastric cancer SGC 7901 cells. The left panel shows CSE and CBS mRNA expression in SGC7901 cells. Expected CSE and CBS RT-PCR products are 282 bp and 317 bp, respectively. M: DL2,000 DNA marker; 1: no reverse transcription control for CSE; 2: CSE RT-PCR; 3: no reverse transcription control for CBS; 4: CBS RT-PCR. The right panel shows CSE or CBS protein expression in SGC7901 cells. Protein sizes were 44 kDa and 60 kDa, respectively.