Figure 1: Effects of quercetin treatment on weight and plasma insulin levels in mice. Quercetin modulates mice metabolism. (a) Mice were treated with quercetin (grey circles) for 15 days and body weight was evaluated. Quercetin-treated mice lost around 25% of body weight as compared with untreated mice (black squares). , control mice (), quercetin-treated mice (). (b) Insulin plasma levels were measured using mouse insulin ELISA. Quercetin-treated mice showed a significant decrease in the plasma levels of insulin as compared with control mice. . (c) and (d) Quercetin treatment affects metabolic performance and exercise abilities. (c) Weightlifting test of forelimbs muscle strength test and (d) Kondziela’s inverted test muscle strength and resistance using all four limbs (d). Quercetin-treated mice performed similarly on both strength tests than control mice (c, d). The score obtained in the strength test was normalized by the body weight. Average values were analyzed by two-sample -test (), control mice (), and quercetin-treated mice (). Significant differences () were detected between control and quercetin-treated mice. (e) Box chart shows the 25th and 75th percentiles. The whiskers show the 5th and 95th percentiles. Additional values are show in box chart, including the minimum (), median, mean (), maximum (), the 1st and 5th percentiles, and 95th percentiles.