Research Article

Polydatin Alleviates Small Intestine Injury during Hemorrhagic Shock as a SIRT1 Activator

Figure 1

Gross morphologic alterations and histopathologic changes of the small intestine in severe shock rats. (a) Obvious bleeding and swelling appeared in both the vehicle and PD/Ex527 groups, but these were reduced in the PD group. Histologic lesions of the rat small bowel are shown in the bottom two rows. Shortened, broadened villi and extensive denudation of the villus epithelium were seen in the vehicle and PD/Ex527 groups, with mild broadening of the villi and disruption of villus epithelium in the PD group. (b) Chiu injury score of small intestine ( rats per group). , compared with the control group, compared with the vehicle group, and compared with the PD group. HE, hematoxylin-eosin staining; PD, polydatin.