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Bypassing Mechanisms of Mitochondria-Mediated Cancer Stem Cells Resistance to Chemo- and Radiotherapy

Table 1

Drugs targeting specific CSCs and their modes of action.

CompoundsMechanism of actionType of CSCsReferences

Temozolomide (TMZ)Reversal of EMT and chemosensitizing CSCsGlioblastoma[27]
STA-4783Targets OS by Hsp70 induction and induces ROS within CCsBreast[28]
GeldanamycinInhibition of the TRAP1 chaperone functionBreast, lung, and neural[31]
Rottlerin (ROT)Inhibitor of PI3K/Akt/mTOR pathway and inducer of apoptosisPancreatic[33]
Bardoxolone methylNrf2 inhibitorLeukemia[34]
ResveratrolWnt inhibitorBreast[35]
HonokiolNotch inhibitorMelanoma[36]
Chloroquine (CQ)Autophagy inducerColorectal[37]
PemetrexedFolate antagonist Lung[38]
MelatoninInduces autophagy by increasing ROSGlioma[39]
SalinomycinK+-ionophore and triggers autophagyGeneral CSCs[40]
BMD188ProapoptoticProstate cancer[41]
GossypolHsp70 induction, ROS inductionBreast, leukemia[42]
PUFAsInduces apoptosis and autophagy Colorectal[43]
TrxRROS scavengerCervical[44]

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