Research Article

Sympathetic Nervous System Control of Carbon Tetrachloride-Induced Oxidative Stress in Liver through α-Adrenergic Signaling

Figure 1

Effect of 6-OHDA on CCl4 induced changes on hepatocyte morphology. Representative micrographs of transmission electron microscopy (magnification 6,000x or 12,000x) in the liver tissues. (a and e) The saline + olive oil group; (b and f) the 6-OHDA + olive oil group; (c and g) the saline + CCl4 group; and (d and h) the 6-OHDA + CCl4 group. Arrows denote rough endoplasmic reticulum. Arrowheads denote perinuclear space. C, chromatin; G, glycogen deposits; L, lipid drops; Vac, vacuolization. Scale bar denotes 100 nm in (a)–(d) and 500 nm in (e)–(h).