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Phytochemicals and Biogenic Metallic Nanoparticles as Anticancer Agents

Table 1

List of medicinal plants and phytochemicals and their anticancer activities.

PlantType of phytochemical(s) Biological activity References

Alangium salviifoliumIsoquinoline alkaloids and derivatives (IAD)Ehrlich ascites carcinoma[31]
Aloe veraAloinInhibition of human neuroectodermal tumors [32]
Azadirachta indicaLimonoidsMurine Ehrlich carcinoma (EC) and B16 melanoma[33]
Apium graveolensPolyacetylenesLeukemia cell lines[34]
Alisma orientaleTriterpenesHepG2, MDA-MB-231, and MCF-7 cell lines[35]
Alstonia yunnanensisIADColon cancer[36]
Aristolochia cucurbitifoliaIADHuman liver cancer cell line[37]
Aristolochia manshuriensisIADBone cancer[37]
Atractylodes macrocephala SesquiterpenesLung carcinoma cells[37]
Berberis vulgarisBerberineBreast, liver, and colon cancer cell lines (MCF-7, HepG2, and CACO-2)[38]
Brucea javanicaTriterpenesBladder cancer[38]
Clausena harmandianaIADCholangiocarcinoma[39]
Daphniphyllum glaucescensTerpenoids, alkaloidsGeneral treatment of cancer[40]
Dictamnus dasycarpusTriterpenesHuman breast cancer cells [41]
Emblica officinalisAlkaloidsAntitumor activity[4244]
Euphorbia fischerianaDiterpenesGeneral treatment of cancer[45]
Ginkgo bilobaTerpenoidsHuman breast cancer cell line[4648]
Goniothalamus amuyonIADGeneral treatment of cancer[49]
Gynura pseudochina (L.)Terpenoids, alkaloidsBreast cancer[50]
Hedyotis bifloraBenzopyronesGeneral treatment of cancer[51]
Houpoea obovataLignansGeneral treatment of cancer[36]
Ixeris chinensisSesquiterpenesGeneral treatment of cancer[52]
Juglans mandshuricaQuinonesLung cancer[53]
Macleaya microcarpaIADGeneral treatment of cancer[54]
Matricaria recutitaSesquiterpenesHuman HeLa cervix adenocarcinoma cells, K562 leukemia cells[55]
Nauclea orientalis IADLung cancer[56]
Oroxylum indicum
(L.) Kurz.
FlavonoidHeLa cells[57]
Petroselinum crispumPolyacetylenesLeukemia cell lines[34]
Piper longumAmide alkaloidsHL60 and MCT-7 cell lines[58, 59]
Rhinacanthus nasutusRhinacanthinsHeLaS3 cells[60]
Rubia cordifoliaQuinonesP-388 cancerous cell line[6163]
Schisandra henryiTriterpenesLeukemia and HeLa cells[64]
Vitex rotundifoliaDiterpenesLeukemia/myeloma; colon cancer[65, 66]
Winchia calophylla Indole alkaloids and derivativesP-388 and A-549 tumor cell lines[67]
Withania somniferaAlkaloidsDalton’s ascitic lymphoma[68]

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