Figure 2: Systemic mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) administration inhibits fiber type transitions in the tibialis anterior (TA) muscle of mice fed with a high fat diet (HFD). C57BL/10J male mice were fed with a standard chow (control) or HFD for 38 weeks. At week 30, a subgroup of HFD mice received MSC injected through the tail-vein. At week 38, all mice were sacrificed and the TA was analyzed to determine fiber type through the immunohistochemical detection of myosin heavy chain isoforms (IIa and IIb). Images obtained at 10x (a) and 40x (b) magnification show fiber types IIa (upper panel) and IIb (lower panel). Quantitative analysis of the fiber type is shown in (c). Graph representing the percentage of specific fiber types relative to the total fibers counted per field. Values represent the mean ± SD (; versus control; versus HFD, two-way ANOVA).