Figure 3: Increased mitochondrial mass in Mecp2−/y astrocytes. (a) In general appearance, WT and Mecp2−/y astrocytes did not differ noticeably. Displayed images are overlays of the green and red JC-1 emissions. (b) Astrocytic cell size, determined by circling the outer cell boundaries, was also indistinguishable. Plotted data are mean ± standard deviations, and the number of cells analyzed is included into each bar. Bar shading is identical for the following panels. (c) The absolute mitochondrial mass was higher in Mecp2−/y astrocytes than in WT cells (left side), and this difference was still present, when the mitochondrial mass was normalized to cell size (right side). Cell numbers analyzed are identical to panel B. Genotypic differences are indicated by asterisks (). (d) Using the mitochondria-specific marker, MitoTracker Red confirmed the increased mitochondrial mass in Mecp2−/y astrocytes. Displayed is the normalized intensity of astrocytic MitoTracker Red fluorescence as referred to individual cell size ().