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Haptoglobin Genotype and Outcome after Subarachnoid Haemorrhage: New Insights from a Meta-Analysis

Table 1

Reported differences between Hp types, relevant to SAH.

FunctionNo difference between Hp typesDifference between Hp types

Hp expressionSerum Hp1-1 higher than Hp2-2, with Hp2-1 intermediate, in many populations tested, including European (Belgian [3739], Iceland [40]), East Asian (Japanese [41], Koreans [42]), and African (Black Zimbabweans [43], Gabonese [44], Papuans [45])
Haemoglobin binding: capacity per Hp monomer(1) Ultrafiltration assay of uncomplexed Hb [46]
(2) Mass spectrometry [24]
Haemoglobin binding: affinity(1) Surface plasmon resonance [47]
(2) Surface plasmon resonance [24]
(3) Spectrophotometric signal of Hp-Hp interaction [48]
Inhibition of Hb-mediated oxidation(1) Reduction in low density lipoprotein oxidation [24]
(2) Reduction in Hb intrinsic redox potential [48]
(3) Reduction in Hb auto-oxidation [17]
(1) Hp1-1 better than Hp2-2 at inhibiting protein and lipid oxidation [49]
(2) Hp1-1 better than Hp2-2 at inhibiting oxidation of linolenic acid and low-density lipoprotein [46]
(3) Hp1-1 better than Hp2-2 at inhibiting lipid peroxidation [47]
Interaction with CD163: affinity(1) Hp2-2 better than Hp1-1, by surface plasmon resonance and binding of radioiodinated Hp-Hb complexes in vitro [1]
(2) Hp2-2 better than Hp1-1, by binding of radio-iodinated Hp-Hb complexes in vitro [50]
Interaction with CD163: uptake of Hp-Hb complexesPlasma half-life of Hp-Hb complexes after injection in guinea pigs [24](1) Hp2-2 better than Hp1-1, by measurement of free Hb in humans [51]
(2) Hp1-1 better than Hp2-2, by uptake of radio-iodinated Hp-Hb complexes in human cells in vitro [50]
Effects on inflammationBinding of Hp1-1-Hb complexes to CD163 results in secretion of the anti-inflammatory cytokine IL-10 [19, 20]

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