Figure 10: Myricetin inhibited activity of IκBα/NF-κB pathway independent on Nrf2 in high glucose-treated NRCM. (a) NRCM were transfected with siRNA for Nrf2 for 24 h, followed by treatment with high glucose (HG) or M for another 36 h; the total protein were extracted for detecting the expression of Nrf2, p-IκBα, and p-P65. (b), (c), and (d) Histogram showed the fold change of Nrf2, p-P65, and p-IκBα; all of proteins were normalized to GAPDH before relative quantitative analysis, and all experiments were repeated 3 times independently. Data were presented as means ± SD. as compared with CON, # as compared with CON or siRNA group, and & as compared with LPS + siRNA group.