Table 1: Characteristics of the studied children.

VariablesChildren with CD ()Healthy controls () value

Age (years)+13.8 (10.4–16.5)12.4 (8.4–14.4)0.089
Treatment with gluten-free diet (years)++7.6 (3.3)
Weight (kg)+43.2 (28.3–52.5)42.2 (36.9–59.8)0.144
Height (cm)++153.8 (19.1)153.5 (17.2)0.952
BMI (kg/m2)++17.3 (3.4)19.6 (2.4)0.006
BMI z-score+−0.7 (−1.0 to −0.3)0.4 (−0.4–1.0)0.0001

+Data are presented as median value and interquartile ranges (1Q–3Q). ++Data are presented as mean value and standard deviation (SD). Statistically significant differences (). BMI: body mass index; BMI z-score: a normalized relative weight indicator independent of age and sex.