Research Article

[Retracted] The Protective Role of Brain CYP2J in Parkinson’s Disease Models

Figure 2

Astrocytic CYP2J upregulated the antioxidative system via the inhibition of miR-340 in U251 cells. Compared with controls, mRNA levels of Nrf2, SOD1, CAT, and GPX1 were increased in cells following transfection with the CYP2J2 expression vector (a); moreover, Nrf2 protein levels were increased indicated by Western blotting (b and c). The level of miR-340 mRNA was decreased following transfection with CYP2J2 (d) compared with the control. Nrf2 mRNA (e) and protein (f and g) levels were decreased following miR-340 transfection. Compared with the controls, 14,15-EET and/or AUDA (a soluble epoxide hydrolase inhibitor) treatment decreased the mRNA levels of miR-340 (h) and Keap1 (j) but increased mRNA levels of Nrf2 (i), SOD1 (k), CAT (l), and GPX1 (m) in U251 cells. Data were analyzed by one-way ANOVA. The data are ; , , , and compared with respective controls.