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Low-Frequency Intermittent Hypoxia Promotes Subcutaneous Adipogenic Differentiation

Figure 4

Intermittent hypoxia (IH) exposure promoted human primary subcutaneous preadipocyte (HPA) adipogenesis. Oil Red O staining was carried out for the identification of differentiation (a) (). One differentiated cycle was defined as 3-day differentiation and 2-day maintenance. The expressions of differentiation-associated markers during the conversion of HPAs into adipocytes (b–f). The mRNA expressions of FABP4 (b), GLUT4 (c), CEBPα (d), and CEBPδ (e) were quantified using real-time PCR. The protein expression of PPARγ (f) was measured via Western blots. The results were expressed as mean ± SEM as fold change with respect to control (IN) at cycle 2. (). Bars: mean ± SEM. , , and .