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Corrigendum to “Haptoglobin Genotype and Outcome after Subarachnoid Haemorrhage: New Insights from a Meta-Analysis”

Table 2

Summary of studies included in meta-analysis.

Study (year)JournalCountryInclusion/exclusion criteriaPatient numberShort-term outcomeLong-term outcome

Leclerc et al. (2015)Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of AmericaUSAInclusion: >18 years, aSAHHp1-1: 11
Hp2-1: 39
Hp2-2: 24
Clinical deterioration as a consequence of confirmed delayed cerebral ischemia
Murthy et al. (2016)NeurosurgeryUSAInclusion: >18 years, aSAH presenting within 24 h of ictus
Exclusion: death on arrival, pregnancy, inability to obtain consent
Hp1-1: 29
Hp2-1: 57
Hp2-2: 47
Delayed cerebral ischemia defined as clinical deterioration with radiographic, angiographic, or clinical response to treatment with TCD evidenceGOS at 30 days post discharge
Kantor et al. (2014)Journal of NeurosurgeryUSAInclusion: 18–75 years, angiographic diagnosis of aSAH, Fisher grade 2–4, Caucasian
Exclusion: preexisting neurological disease or deficit
Hp1-1: 25
Hp2-1: 109
Hp2-2: 59
mRS at 3 months
Ohnishi et al. (2013)Journal of Stroke and Cerebrovascular DiseasesJapanInclusion: aSAH treated endovascularly or surgicallyHp1-1: 7
Hp2-1: 39
Hp2-2: 49
Delayed cerebral ischemia defined as development of focal neurology of a drop in GCS of 2 pointsmRS at 3 months
Galea et al. (2012)Journal of NeurochemistryUKInclusion: SAH requiring external ventricular drainage, paired CSF and serum available
Exclusion: external ventricular drain infection
Hp1-1: 4
Hp2-1: 21
Hp2-2: 1
Delayed cerebral ischemia defined as development of focal neurology of a drop in GCS of 2 points
Borsody et al. (2006)NeurologyUSAInclusion: >18 years, known date onset SAH, aSAH suspected, Fisher grade 3-4
Exclusion: diseases which affect Hp or development of VS
Hp1-1: 9
Hp2-1: 12
Hp2-2: 11
Transcranial Doppler (TCD) evidence of “presumed definite” vasospasm or angiogram evidence of vasospasm both by day 14 after SAH

Only outcomes which were available for the meta-analysis are shown.