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Relation of Redox and Structural Alterations of Rat Skin in the Function of Chronological Aging

Figure 5

Analysis of the DNA lesion and 8-oxoguanine (8-OxoG) in the skin of rats during the lifetime. Tissues were subjected to immunohistochemistry using an 8-OxoG-specific antibody. The brown staining testifies to the specific reaction (a). The quantitative evaluation of 8-OxoG antibody staining intensity in skin sections was analyzed as described in Figure 3 (b). The relative mean intensity was determined from 6 images for each aging group (). Data were presented as . In respect to 3-month-old rats; ; . The mitochondrial positivity of 8-OxoG corresponds to apoptotic positivity observed by propidium iodide staining in the sebaceous glands and root sheath (c, right). Magnification: ×100, orig.