Figure 4: Cellular distribution of DAF-16 and GFP expressions of downstream targets of DAF-16. (a) Subcellular localization was classified as three categories: cytosolic, fluorescence was spread in cytosol; intermediate, GFP can be found both in cytosol and nucleus; and nucleus, clear localization of GFP into the nucleus. (b) Relative distribution of DAF-16 was compared between the untreated control and 100 mg/l phosphatidylcholine-treated groups. (c) Age-synchronized 3-day-old worms were treated with each concentration of phosphatidylcholine for 7 d. Then, worms were observed on confocal microscopy. (d) Change in the expression level was determined using a fluorescence multireader. Fluorescence intensity of PC-treated worms is expressed as the ratio of fluorescence intensity determined in the untreated control. Error bar indicates standard error. PC: phosphatidylcholine; statistically significant ().