Research Article

Propofol Alleviates Apoptosis Induced by Chronic High Glucose Exposure via Regulation of HIF-1α in H9c2 Cells

Figure 6

The effects of propofol on the mRNA levels of HIF-1α and PHD2 in H9c2 cells during high glucose stress. (a) The relative mRNA expressions of HIF-1α. (b) The relative mRNA expressions of PHD2. Data were shown as from five independent experiments. , , and versus control; #, ##, and ### versus the high glucose-treated group without drugs. Ctrl = blank control group; 0 = high glucose model group; P5 = 5 μM propofol pretreatment group; P10 = 10 μM propofol pretreatment group; P20 = 20 μM propofol pretreatment group; P40 = 40 μM propofol pretreatment group; and HG = 22 mM high glucose culture.