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Research Article

Resveratrol Improves Boar Sperm Quality via 5AMP-Activated Protein Kinase Activation during Cryopreservation

Table 1

Effects of different concentrations of resveratrol on postthaw sperm motility parameters.

Sperm parametersResveratrol (μM)

TM (%)ccaabbc
PM (%)ccaabbc
LIN (%)dcabbc
VSL (μm/s)abcaabb
VCL (μm/s)cbcaabb
VAP (μm/s)dcaabb
BCF (Hz)aaaaaa

Values are expressed as . Different letters within column indicate significant difference (). TM: total motility; PM: progressive motility; VCL: curvilinear velocity; VSL: straight-line velocity; VAP: average path velocity; BCF: beat-cross frequency; LIN: linearity (VSL/VCL).