Research Article

Thymoquinone Upregulates Catalase Gene Expression and Preserves the Structure of the Renal Cortex of Propylthiouracil-Induced Hypothyroid Rats

Figure 3

The renal cortex of the control (a), TQ (b), hypothyroid (c, d, e, f, g), and hypothyroid+TQ (h) groups. Renal corpuscles in the control and TQ groups appear normal while in the hypothyroid group some glomeruli show distortion (crossed arrow), atrophy (arrowhead) or mesangial proliferation (asterisk). The capsular epithelium appears swollen (thin arrows). Mononuclear cell infiltrate is seen in the capsular space of some glomeruli (thick arrow). The interstitium displays mononuclear cell infiltrate (empty arrow), proliferating fibroblasts (empty asterisk), hemorrhage (double head arrow). Some renal tubules exhibit clear cytoplasm (empty crossed arrow). The renal corpuscles of hypothyroid+TQ show mild distortion and renal tubules appear normal. (H&E, ×400, ). The diameter of the renal glomeruli (i) of the studied groups is represented.