Research Article

Sirtuin 3 Inhibits Airway Epithelial Mitochondrial Oxidative Stress in Cigarette Smoke-Induced COPD

Figure 3

CSE decreased Sirt3 and MnSOD expression and MnSOD activity in a time-dependent manner in airway epithelial cells. After the stimulation with 7.5% CSE, real-time PCR showed that Sirt3 (a) and MnSOD (b) mRNA expressions were decreased in a time-dependent manner. A representative blot of Sirt3 and MnSOD expressions determined by Western blot is shown for each condition (c), and quantification analysis displayed that the expression levels of Sirt3 (d) and MnSOD (e) were decreased in a time-dependent manner when BEAS-2B cells were stimulated with 7.5% CSE at the indicated time points. MnSOD activities were gradually decreased when BEAS-2B cells were incubated with 7.5% CSE for 0-48 h (a). All statistical data were obtained from three independent experiments and presented as . compared to the cells treated with CSE for 0 h.