Research Article

LCZ696 Ameliorates Oxidative Stress and Pressure Overload-Induced Pathological Cardiac Remodeling by Regulating the Sirt3/MnSOD Pathway

Figure 7

LCZ696 upregulated Sirt3 expression. (a) NRCMs were treated with 50 μM PE for 24 h, and the expression of Sirt3 and MnSOD were detected by Western blotting. (b) Histograms showing the quantitative analysis of Sirt3 and MnSOD, . (c) NRCMS were transfected with small interfering RNA targeting Sirt3 (si-Sirt3, 50 nM) of scramble small interfering RNA (si-NC,50 nM) for 48 h and then treated as indicated. The expression of Sirt3 and MnSOD was determined with immunoblotting. (d) Histogram of the quantitative analysis of the data in (c), after normalization to the GAPDH levels, . (e) Representative images of immunofluorescence staining for Sirt3 and mitochondrial marker (COX IV) in NRCMs. vs. the control group, # vs. the PE treatment group.