Research Article

Treatment with the Ferroptosis Inhibitor Ferrostatin-1 Attenuates Noise-Induced Hearing Loss by Suppressing Ferroptosis and Apoptosis

Figure 5

Fer-1 treatment reduces the levels of the protein nitration product 3-NT following noise exposure. (a) Representative pictures of noise-induced elevation of 3-NT levels (red) in frozen cochlear sections. . HCs: hair cells; SV: stria vascularis; SGNs: spiral ganglion neurons. (b) Representative pictures of 3-NT (red) in SGNs (labeled with TuJ1, green) in frozen cochlear sections. . (c) Representative pictures of 3-NT (red) in OHCs (stained with phalloidin, green) in surface preparations. . The pictures above were taken from the base turn of the cochlea 1 h after noise exposure. (d) Quantification of relative 3-NT immunolabeling intensity in grayscale in OHCs normalized to DMSO control mice (Figure 5(c)); for each condition. (e) Representative blots show that the expression level of 3-NT was increased in the noise exposure group compared with the vehicle control group 1 h after noise exposure. Fer-1 treatment markedly alleviated the increase in the level of 3-NT caused by noise. (f) Semiquantification of the band density (Figure 5(e)); for each condition. The data are presented as the . ; ; ; ns: not significant.