Research Article

Treatment with the Ferroptosis Inhibitor Ferrostatin-1 Attenuates Noise-Induced Hearing Loss by Suppressing Ferroptosis and Apoptosis

Figure 6

Fer-1 administration alleviates IHC synapse loss and ANF degeneration after noise exposure. (a) Representative pictures of ribbon synapse loss in IHCs caused by noise (presynaptic structures, red; postsynaptic structures, green; IHCs, blue). Pictures were taken of the middle turn of the cochlea, which corresponded to ~16 kHz, . (b) Representative pictures of ANF degeneration caused by noise (ANFs, red; HCs, green). . (c) Quantification of “paired” synapses in IHCs corresponding to ~16 kHz 14 d after noise exposure; for each condition. (d) Quantification of TuJ1-immunolabeled ANFs 28 d after noise exposure; for each condition. ; ; ; ns: not significant.