Research Article

Treatment with the Ferroptosis Inhibitor Ferrostatin-1 Attenuates Noise-Induced Hearing Loss by Suppressing Ferroptosis and Apoptosis

Figure 7

Treatment with Fer-1 alleviates TBHP-induced cochlear explant and HEI-OC1 cell damage. (a) Representative images of HEI-OC1 cells treated with TBHP and Fer-1. . (b) Flow cytometry analysis of cell apoptosis of the cells in Figure 7(a). (c) DAPI and TUNEL double labeling of apoptotic cells after treatment with TBHP and Fer-1. . (d–f) Cell viability was assessed after treatment with different concentrations of Fer-1 and TBHP. (g) Pretreatment with Fer-1 alleviates TBHP-induced cochlear hair cell death in the middle turn. . ; ns: not significant.