Research Article

AdipoR1 Regulates Ionizing Radiation-Induced Ferroptosis in HCC cells through Nrf2/xCT Pathway

Figure 6

AdipoR1 protected cells from IR-induced ferroptosis by upregulating xCT. (a) TCGA data shows that the expression level of AdipoR1 is positively correlated with xCT. (b and c) Western blot showed the levels of AdipoR1 and xCT in MHCC-97H cells after knockdown of AdipoR1 by shRNA. (d–h) xCT knockdown rendered MHCC-97H cells susceptible for ferroptosis and lipid peroxidation accumulation induce by IR. (i–m) Overexpression of xCT rescue IR-induced ferroptosis in shAdipoR1 cells. Data is presented as . , , , and .