Research Article

Suppression of Selective Voltage-Gated Calcium Channels Alleviates Neuronal Degeneration and Dysfunction through Glutathione S-Transferase-Mediated Oxidative Stress Resistance in a Caenorhabditis elegans Model of Alzheimer’s Disease

Figure 3

Calcium acetate aggravated impairment of dopaminergic neurons and synapses, while EGTA and nimodipine postponed the development of Aβ aggregates. (a) Representative images of dopaminergic neurons in UA57, NUCM0003, calcium acetate-treated NUCM0003, EGTA-treated NUCM0003, and nimodipine-treated NUCM0003 worms (scale bar, 50 μm). Histogram of the numbers of lost dopaminergic neurons in NUCM0003 worms treated with/out calcium-adjusting agents. Lost neurons are indicated with triangles. Motor neurons are indicated with arrows. (b) Representative images of presynaptic densities in the VNCs of NC571, NUCM0004, calcium acetate-treated NUCM0004, EGTA-treated NUCM0004, and nimodipine-treated NUCM0004 worms (scale bar, 20 μm). Histogram of the number of gaps in NUCM0004 worms treated with/out calcium-adjusting agents. Gaps are indicated with triangles. Error bars indicate the SEM. ( vs. control, vs. control).