Review Article

Occupational Therapy Practice in Sleep Management: A Review of Conceptual Models and Research Evidence

Table 1

Quality assessment by Mixed Methods Appraisal Tool (MMAT) 2001 version.

Author, yearResearch designTypeLevel of evidence (LoE)Quality appraisal (MMAT)

Eakman et al., 2016Single-arm feasibility pilot studyQuantitative descriptiveLevel III3/4
Farrehi et al., 2016 [21]RCTQuantitative randomization controlled (trials)Level I3/4
Gee et al., 2017 [22]An ABA single-subject designQualitativeLevel V1/4
Gutman et al., 2016 [23]RCTQuantitative randomization controlled (trials)Level I3/4
Heidt et al., 2016 [24]Experimental study designQuantitative descriptiveLevel III4/4
Jarus et al., 2011 [25]Waitlist control trialsQuantitative nonrandomization controlledLevel II3/4
Leland et al., 2016 [26]RCTQuantitative randomization controlled (trials)Level I3/4
Schoen et al., 2017 [27]A quasi-experimental, single-group, pretest/posttest designQuantitative descriptiveLevel III2/4
Wen et al., 2017 [28]Mixed-methods pilot studyMixed methodsLevel IV1/4
Wolfhope et al., 2016Mixed-methods pilot studyMixed methodsLevel IV2/4
Wooster et al., 2015 [30]A pretest-posttest, one group designQuantitative descriptiveLevel III2/4