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Research Article

Revision of the Messinian-Early Zanclean Sediments from ODP Hole 953C (Canary Island Archipelago, North-Eastern Atlantic): Biostratigraphy, Cyclostratigraphy, and Astronomical Tuning

Table 2

ODP Hole 953C calcareous plankton bioevents. The asterisk indicates that the bioevents occur within the hiatus, which is an age span about 6.436 to 6.252 Ma.

BioeventsSamplesmbsfChronAge (Ma)

10Amaurolithus bizzarus First Occurrence14R-2, 10–12 cm304C3n.4n5.038
9Triquetrorhabdulus rugosus Last Occurrence15R-2, 63–65 cm312.73C3r5.244
8Neogloboquadrina acostaensis first influx sx15R-2, 95–97 cm314.55C3r5.297
7Helicosphaera stalis ovata Last Occurrence16R-3, 91–93 cm325.78C3r5.681
6Nicklithus amplificus Last Occurrence17R-3, 42–44 cm334.52C3r5.979
5Globorotalia margaritae margaritae First Occurrence17R-4, 51–53 cm336.11C3An6.017
4Globorotalia juanai Last occurrence17R-5, 56–58 cm337.66C3An6.058
3Globorotalia miotumida Last Occurrence18R-3, 75–77 cm344.35C3An*
2Globorotalia miotumida Last Regular Occurrence18R-3, 96.5–98.5 cm344.57C3An*
1Neogloboquadrina acostaensis coiling change18R-3, 96.5–98.5 cm344.57C3An*