Table 2: Urinary continence.

ModificationPrimary authorResults

Sling constructionJorion [18]Fascial sling suspension after anastomosis in RRP resulted in earlier and more complete continence.

Bladder neck preservationDeliveliotis [16]Return of continence was earlier after RRP in bladder neck preservation group compared to puboprostatic ligament sparing or both techniques used together. Final continence rates were unchanged.
Selli [15]Bladder neck preservation in RRP leads to faster return of continence but does not affect long-term recovery.
von Bodman [85]Anatomic variables membranous urethral length, urethral volume, and an anatomically close relation between the levator muscle and membranous urethra on preoperative magnetic resonance imaging are independent predictors of continence recovery after radical prostatectomy.

Intraoperative coolingFinley [29]Regional pelvic cooling during RRP was associated with early return of continence. Longer and deeper cooling improved continence.

Pubovesical complex-sparingAsimakopoulos [28]128 patients were randomized to LRP or RALP. Erectile function at 12 months was better in the RALP group. Oncologic outcomes and continence were similar between the two groups.