Table 3: Urethrovesical anastomosis.

ModificationPrimary authorResults

Posterior reconstructionRocco [19, 86]Posterior reconstruction in RRP was associated with improved time to return to continence.
Coelho [87]Posterior reconstruction in RALP had faster return of continence and fewer anastomotic leaks.

Anterior reconstructionCampenni [20]Anterior anastomotic urethral suspension sutures increase Valsalva LLP and may speed the return of continence.
Patel [21]Suspension stitch in RALP leads to improved continence at 3 months.

Double layer anastomosisMenon [22] No improvement in continence was seen with reconstruction.
Sammon [23]Single or double layer anastomosis did not correlate to urinary outcomes at 2 years.
Joshi [25] Posterior reconstruction did not improve continence after RALP.
Sutherland [24]Posterior reconstruction did not increase early return of continence after RALP.
Hurtes [88]Early return of continence after RALP was improved with anterior suspension combined with posterior reconstruction.

Barbed sutureSammon [26]RALP using v-lock suture showed a decrease in anastomotic time without change in outcomes.