Figure 4: Profile of serum cytokines. Analysis of sequential serum samples at baseline (preimmunotherapy [preIT]), during infusions (post inf#), and postimmunotherapy (1 week postimmunotherapy [1W postIT], 1 month postimmunotherapy [1 M postIT], and one year postimmunotherapy [1Y postIT]) shows increased levels of IL-2, IFN-γ, GM-CSF, and IL-10 and meanratio of Th1/Th2 = [IL-2+IFNγ]/[IL-4+IL-10] shows a dominant Th1 type response during aATC infusions in partial responder CRPC patient (FG60163). (b) and (c) Similar cytokine profiles and Th1 cytokine responses were seen in two minor responder CRPC patients (FG60202 and FG91760) during and after aATC infusions.