Table 1: Patient characteristics, prior therapy, disease status, and toxicity.

FG #Age/PSGleason
aATC dose levelMetastatic disease sitesPrior therapyDisease statusOS in daysGrade 3 toxicity

10046966/PS-2720 billionBone, lymph nodes, lung, and liverHormones
+ estramustine
Progressed during aATC infusions67None

20048882/PS-2920 billionBoneHormones
Progressed during aATC infusions143None

30056675/PS-1820 billionBoneHormonesProgressed during aATC infusions699Chills

40059485/PS-1820 billionLymph nodes, boneHormonesProgressed during aATC infusions136Chills

560163 76/PS-1640 billionBone, lungHormonesPR 598Chills

66020280/PS-1840 billionBoneHormonesMR294Chills

79176069/PS-1680 billionBone, lungHormonesMR550Chills, Malaise

PS: performance status; PR: partial remission; MR: minor response; OS: overall survival. There were no grades for toxicities on the NCI-immunotherapy toxicity protocol.